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A virtual assistant (VA) is a highly-trained and skilled independent professional who, as a support and growth partner, provides high-level administrative, technical and/or creative business support and sometimes personal support, across the board, in long-term and collaborative relationships without being geographically present in the client's location.

Virtual assistants are generalists offering a wide variety of services to clients, working with them administratively, across the board – not doing just one kind of work or task.

Its base is in traditional administrative support, yet virtual assistance holds the relationship at its core, with both business owners equals in the relationship. Choosing each other, rather than, as is the traditional norm, one person being placed in the role of working for the other.

Always a challenging question – let me just say that I’m neither cheap nor expensive. I believe in my worth and my value.  I, therefore, won’t bargain, discount or negotiate on my fee and I hope you won’t either!

If you value your money over your time, and you don’t quickly draw the connection between the fact that spending your time comes at a cost, then you might find working with me to be expensive, however, if you want more time for yourself to spend in ways that matter to you then working with me is a bargain.

Remember; you aren’t paying for my time, per se, you are paying for your time!!

Some VAs will charge by the hour. I believe it makes more sense to charge a fixed monthly fee, based on an agreed number of hours and level of work. Why? Because hourly rates nearly always end up being more expensive for the client. They’re less predictable too, which is far from ideal if you’re running a small business. I believe I can offer a much better value service to a handful of clients on retainer than I can trying to snatch billable hours here and there.

VAs work with successful people from all walks of life – authors, speakers, accountants, lawyers, brokers, solopreneurs, consultants, coaches, executives, entrepreneurs – professionals who wish to free up their time for themselves and their families.

Often, but not always, they also:

  • need administrative support but don’t have the space or equipment for in-house staff
  • prefer working alone or from home
  • don’t have enough administration to justify hiring somebody on a full-time basis
  • don’t want the hassles on taking on a full-time employee.

Before we commit to working together I like to have at least two conversations with you, possibly three. Why? Because for me, I believe this will provide both of us with a clearer understanding of whether we would work well together.

In case you’re interested the process goes something like this:

1st conversation (or alternatively the “getting to know you” call): is around 15 minutes to talk about anything other than business.

2nd conversation (or alternatively the “nuts and bolts” call): is around 30-45 minutes where we talk about your business, including goals, timelines, frustrations, what’s working well, what’s not and look at ways at freeing up your time.

3rd conversation potentially (or alternatively the “deeper” call): is around 60 minutes and delves into how we might work together and what that means for both of us.

I work at the times when I can be the most productive.  I’m not really a morning person so I tend to start around midday most days, however, that is not to say that if an urgent matter arose I wouldn’t be available but this could certainly be discussed.

My preferred method of communication is by email.

Like solicitors, accountants or any other professional services that you may use, I treat information about you and your business in absolute confidence. As our working relationship develops, I hope you will start to see me as an integral part of your business who you can trust with any aspect of your professional life.

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